Monday, December 6, 2010

New York

Good night
Just fly

There is a place
Where I can fantasize
Where time
It's just a small pretext
Where waterIt spilled vanilla milkshake
And the mountains
They are strawberry ice cream and sauces
I would like to make it happen
And to live in it for life
To enjoy them
Secrets of life.

New York made of marshmallow
Where there is no inhibition
Only people with another vision
New York made of candy
Where there is love
Only people with no difficulty.

Sex is not a gameI
t is a sacred command
And work is a luxury
As do the right thing
As seen in the mirror
And knowing what you have not discovered
Or watch your eager gloss
And tempted

Because I'm ready
And I have endured so long
But now its flavor
Will be essential in my body
I want his release, his addiction
Something that I exhausted this sensation
Why go nuts with your hands
In my hear
tLooking for love, looking for excitement
That transforms this sweet passion
And become my great punishmen
tBecause I want him látigo
And all that I have mastered
Chains, crosses, wives
And everything that comes to mind
Dirty creativity
And rampant Lodge
And all I can think of
Because it's my fantasy.

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