Saturday, January 19, 2013

Never With You

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Don't write to me one song
If you don't feel for me love,
I prefer to have your heart
Than thousand poems of shams,
So that, love me
Or but hate me,
But I don't want to see you
Or neither love you
Because I don't care anymore.

The curiosity killed me
Before to know if I could love,
But I never had the chance
Neither to touch your soul,
I just wanted to love
With all my soul
All your life
But I don't care.

I can over my life
With all this doubts
But now
There's not any words
Or facts will make me look back.

If you breath songs of love
Written for an individual
Who swears you love
Or I know that it's not love anymore
And you're looking for me
Because he is not your dream,
But I never with you,
Ever with you.

Album: Express Your Soul

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