Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Flavor Of Love

Check my new song here "Oneself" 

There's a game that everybody's playing
And in the same way, everybody likes,
There's not religion in this delirious,
Althought there's not exceptions in this passion,
I want to surf
In your skin,
I want to sink
In your desires,
Because there's nothing
More delicious
And I want to embrace
Over your love.

It is the art of every actor,
The passion of each singer,
The gasoline of this motor
Of this satirical naufragante,
It's something
In your being,
It's something
In your skin,
It's something
Which borns
In your brain
But there's nothing
That I want to prove
Because your lips
Are the most exquisite.

There's something that everybody denies
But it's something that everybody likes,
It's the verb more delicious
That nobody fears in experiment it.

It is the flavor,
It is the flavor,
It is the flavor
Of love
And yours
It's delicious.

Album: Express Your Soul.

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