Tuesday, January 22, 2013

There's Not Tomorrow

And nothing changes,
It's easy when you love
Or when they don't forget you,
I'm living in a circle
While the world keeps spin around,
I feel so useless
I should walk away,
But everything is confused
And full of pain,
My words are echoes
When I want to...

Crying the same tears
Which doesn't want to stop,
And with the same sores
I walk on and on, 
My spirit ages
In this jail,
I would want to call you
For you rescue me,
But everything is vain
Until my prayer,
My senses are mute
When I want to...

Full of taboos and doubts,
Insecurities and wounds,
I wake up on and on.

When I want to...
Like if I won't to die,
Like If I won't suffer,
Until get tired my soul,
Because I want to live my live
Like If there's not tomorrow.

Album: Express Your Soul.

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