Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ran Out

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Maybe I still remember the love
That I felt when I saw your soul
Or that I still have dreams with you
Living a corresponded love,
But I cursed the day when I saw you
With tears that I didn't even know
Existed in my own.

I changed my being to please you
When I must show you what it is
Being beloved with all my soul
Because that shows what I have been,
But I don't wanna dream anymore
This stupid story
Which now it's done.

I never wanted to freeze
All what I felt
To stop loving.

Because I don't love you anymore,
Because I don't want you anymore,
Now I do, I hate you,
Because my love for you, it's ran out
And I've sworn myself
That there's no way
That I can feel for you love again,
Because it's already ran out,
It's moment to say goodbye
I won't look back, I promise you.

But honestly
And sincerely
I can not hate you
And least stop loving you.

Album: Express Your Soul.

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