Monday, January 21, 2013

Express Your Soul

Express it right now.

I had my feeling saved
Far away from any curious,
But I had put a lot of them
That they were about to blow,
I don't want to try to get out
Any of them,
But I couldn't hold
When my conscience yells.

I stucked in the same love
Which was never corresponded,
I advanced just a few steps
And they broke my heart again,
I couldn't grasp myself
To another story,
And when I found another way out
You left my heart who shouts.

I want to breath,
I want to fly,
I want to sing,
Why did you hurt me?
Why did you leave me?
When I just wanted to love you,
Why did you walk away?
Why did you run away?
I feel how my heart festers
These episodes that they still endure,
Express your soul.

Express your soul
And leave all behind,
Don't suffer by shut up all,
Express your soul
And let it shine
With all his wounds,
I don't want to cry this teardrops
When I don't have the method to forget
Express your soul right now.

Album: Express Your Soul.

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