Sunday, January 20, 2013

Something That You Never Had

Like If I never had loved before,
But I knew it
When I saw your inner
And it was then
When I wanted to fight
Because I knew it 
What you were worth it,
But it's over the enchantment
That my heart felt,
When it fell in love
Of the color of your love.

And I got excited
Of something that I invented,
And I feel so stupid
For be a naive,
You were my dream
Before all of this,
But the time has passed
And I wish I haven't met ya,
But this is a little world
That it uses to be cheat
And althought I want to forget it
Somehow you're back too.

I took like my own something alien
Like If I have the right
To be the owner from your mind,
But It's not a secret anymore
That It was a fool mistake
To blind myself.

But then
You stopped to pretend
When I fought
For not let you go,
But it was a mistake
All this moments
Because you never can got
Something that you never had.

Album: Express Your Soul.

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