Friday, January 18, 2013

Hard To Forget

I am stronger
I don't have reasons to cry out
Or to fall down again,
And I forget
Who you are
But now the life's
Testing me.

I am back
To those rooms
Where my heart
For first time fell in love,
I want to try it
But far away from your soul
And your fake love,
But I'm still dreaming you
And this keeps getting worse.

I don't understand the reason why
Or the motive of this dreams,
But something I do, I have clear
And it's that I even love you a lot
And for that, I'm still hating that.

Because it is hard to forget
When I'm still dreaming with you
And you're back into my heart and brain,
Because it's hard to forget
When the life found the chance
To love you again
But I don't want it.

Album: Express Your Soul.

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