Friday, January 18, 2013

You Found Love

Then why do you make me love?
If you just want a moment
Then why do you continue to call?

When I met you
You said: "I don't believe in love
And there's nobody in the world
Who changes your option"
But when I kiss you
You do it with a lot of passion,
They have hurted me too
But I don't stop loving,
Because if I would have stopped
For only one moment,
I wouldn't have felt
Your heart
Next to me
And in this second
You found love.

And only in one time
I become in your world,
You gave me your heart
Without any fear to hurt at all,
Because I always had clear
Everything what I want
And who I want
And how I do that,
And the time came
To show them.

You kiss me very gently
Under the rain,
And newly
That magic
Which moves us,
Touches us,
And we took our pasts
Inside a box
With our old hearts
To forget all,
And we took them in a side
Because you found love.

Album: Express Your Soul.

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