Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Our Night

Today is our day,
There's nothing more heavenly
Than love sincerely,
Far away from this town
Where no one knows us
There everything's gonna turn,
I can look you
I can kiss you
Without anyone interpose us.

Your eyes know
What today they can know,
I want to lose me
Today on your skin,
The lights of this city
Start to wane
When we starts to shine,
I can sing along
I can dream out,
This is true love.

I won't live forever
But this, I'll always remember,
You won't live forever
But this night will live until our death

Maybe the world condemn us today
Or our families don't love us today,
Or God will lead us to the hell later,
But today there's nothing to worry
It's our night.

Album: Time Or Place

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