Sunday, December 16, 2012

Middle Of Your Desert

I assure you
That my heart would be in the top,
I'd had prefered one no
Than be a dreamer
Thinking that this was love,
But you have gone
Without any reason
Leaving to my heart so alone
And in one second
My fool past
Torments my heart.

Don't see what you have achieved
With this, this black sun
Which doesn't emit any heat,
I can swear my heart
For a fountain
But mine, it's already sold,
I was sincere
And I gave my heart
Without any price
But I am dying
For thirst of love
The love from your soul.

With my heart on my hands
It bleeds and bleeds while it becomes carbon
And I feel the fire on my soul
Who cries and cries for this pain,
You are so cold like a night in the desert,
Very dry like the sand from your demons,
I'm still dying for love
In the middle of your desert.

Dry and with my thirsty soul,
I die in this hell
Crying for love
In the middle of your desert,
Alone and empty, I lose the control
I don't get one reason to follow this
If my heart is for you, enamored
In the middle of your desert.

Album: Time Or Place

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