Friday, December 14, 2012

Time Or Place

I found you
In a inopportune second,
It is not a perfect place
But now
I don't care anything,
I see you
And I feel
That everything is faded at all.

I knew when I saw you
And I knew that this was for me,
I've waited for so long
But it was worth all this time,
And you see me
And you smile
And everything is faded

I feel, you feel
What a beauty it is all,
I live, you live
What God offers us,
I dream, you dream
What I would happen with us
I smile, you smile,
And then.

In search of love
I found you 
In a inopportune second,
But I knew when I saw you
And I knew that you are to me,
And we see each other,
And our lips
Faded the earth

'Cause there's nothing
I care more
Well my life
Was so bored,
But you came and change
All my prospect,
'Cause there's not time or place
To loving.

Album: Time Or Place

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