Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I Like You So Much

Something in you starts to shine,
Why do you see in this form
If later you will not love me?
But I am sure
From what I feel,
You too have felt to
But you hide it on your soul

Why do you stop
When my presence you look?
Why do you come to my side
When you see me singing?
You can lie the world
But you don't lie to your soul,
You can think that I don't see you
When I know that you watch me

I ignore you
And go alone
Because I just want
To see your reaction,
And I approach
And then I felt to
To your eyes on my core,
What are you waiting for?

I like you so much
I would want that you know that,
I like you so much
I want to scream to the Heaven
I like you so much.

Album: Time Or Place