Saturday, December 15, 2012


Goes easy,
So that, listen to me

We are one together
Like one and only world
But your pride destroyed
All what we thought it was love,
Don't think that I blame you for everything,
I also made a lot of mistakes with ya,
Thank God you left,
Thank God you didn't back,
Because in this way
I can wide awake.

Maybe, I thought that this time
You could learn
But I knew that you are
Worst than I imagine,
I'm not saying that I am someone perfect
But neither I am so blind as not see all my defects,
Thank God you left,
Thank God you didn't back
Because in this way
I realized that.

I don't want to look back
I get a lot to arrive at,
A lot to offer up,
I don't get time to regret,
Time to wonder,
I just want to go away,

It's easy to kiss,
Easy to deceive,
But difficult that they love you again
Because easy you give yourself,
Or they admire you again,
Because easy you lie them,
Or they listen to you again
Because easily you go away,
So that, you don't go back
Never to my life.

Album: Time Or Place


  1. Wonderful poem ! I can't breath anylonger, it is just gorgeous. Congratulations ! Good work !

  2. Is an amazing poem you have alot of talent