Monday, December 17, 2012

Like Fireflies

And in west
The sun is faded,
And in the air
Many voices
Want to move my mountains
And no one
Can stop
What God wants to ask

You can criticize
My words
And how my voice sounds,
But any
Of your words
Won't stop my songs,
You can get fun
Of my heart
But that will make me stronger

Dispel yourself
And fade yourself
I don't wanna see you again,
Dispel yourself
And don't come again
Because you are useless.

You can turn off my flame
With one simple blow from your breath,
Like a huge blaze
Or a simple taper
But when comes the darkness
I will turn on my flame again
Like fireflies,
Like fireflies.

Album: Time Or Place


  1. Gorgeous :o You have a big talent :) xEx