Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Breaking Down

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The sun is about to up
And we don't see each other again,
If you want love
Here you get my soul,
Tell the musician
That put this song
And dance with me now,
And this will be our song,
Because when the sun hides
My heart uses to fall in love
And when the moon is up
Only you, my love I want to

Give me a kiss
That I die to feel it,
Give me your heart
And I promise you that I take care it
Because when the sun hides
My heart just want to see you
And when the moon is up
My love is for you.

Because when the moon appears
My love I can't deny you
And if with you, it dawns
I will always love you.

I just have you until breaking down
To fall in love
But that is enough,
And if I won't achieve, I'll try anew
Until fall in love
Even If I get only until the breaking down,
Breaking down.

Album: Time Or Place

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