Wednesday, January 12, 2011

If I Were A Woman

If  I were a woman
Just  one more time
You´d wake up every morning
And wouldn´t doubt in call me
You´d take me away
And you'd bring me flowers
You'd take the initiative
To unite our lives
For eternity

If I were a woman
I know, you could understand
That ours is serious
And I never have to hide
You'd know what it's to love me
I'd get to meet your parents,
Know where you are
And together, we´d fight
Against the planet

If I were a woman
I couldn't answer it
When in a restaurant
You´d propose me to be happy
But my eyes
And my lips
They'd give you the reply
And you'd take me home
Our Home.

But it's too late to start
'Cause God made me in this way
And although it's divine
He never gave me the chance

'Cause I am a man
You'd never understand
'Cause ours is impossible
and I'd have to hide myself
You know how you hate me
Just show me
To can divorce me
Of the parents' mistakes
And destroy me
Until miss myself

Album: My Ale.

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