Wednesday, February 5, 2014


You say that I am complicated
While I say you that I look for something serious
But you want someone more independent
But after of this you want again I depend of you.

Stop saying that I am angry
Because you are who is angry,
And your seriousness doesn’t have a real base
At the end you just be alone again.

Don’t say that you are versatile
Because then there’s not anything clear on you,
Or neither bisexual
Because I don’t like this too.

You’re top or bottom
It’s yes or no,
It’s clear or shadow
It’s young or old.

You want me here or there
Near or far away
Because actually
I don’t know what you want it.

You suffer bipolarity
You don’t know where place you’re in.

Book I: Yin Yang
Chapter I: Yin Yang

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