Saturday, February 15, 2014

Just Know You

I dare to you write you, maybe this way works
Tell me, what can I lose? Even I don’t know you,
I write you a word and everything starts off
Start to watch and talking about love.

I don’t want to fall again, I’ll take a decent time
To see you like a figurant to my burning heart,
I want to write and delete, sing and shut up
But what I want most is learning to love ya.

Because to write you a message,
I wait for your call, I wait your call
Because to call you again
I want that you call, I want that you call.

I don’t want to rush myself
I just want to know you
Although at the end I’m falling
But that is what I want then…

I Just Know You, and I know too,
I’m easy to fall in love, but I will do
I don’t want that you watch me like an insane,
But what I give you, it’s sincere and convenient

Book I: Yin Yang

Chapter I: Yin Yang

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