Thursday, February 6, 2014


I don’t want your approval of what I’m doing
But you see him in the street, accept and respect him,
Because this is my world and I love him
And although you don’t want this, I’m not asking.

I don’t want to hide this true that today I’m living
I want that you know it because it’s what I’ve decided,
I know that it’s not common but it’s what I want and wish
And although you don’t like my election, I´m sorry about it.

This is beyond to physical
It’s spiritual, emotional and magical,
It’s not just sex
It’s beyond that you’re thinking.

He is my boyfriend and I love him, you have to accept him one day
He is my boyfriend and I’m married with him, I’ll made a family with him,
It’s good or bad, it’s cute or not, not your decision, it’s my life
He is my boyfriend and I love him, I love him.

Book I: Yin Yang

Chapter I: Yin Yang

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