Friday, February 7, 2014

But That Night

Come later is great, everyone wants to get in because it’s time to love and dance
The heat raise, everyone wants more of this, a ball or a dance, the insane start to get,
And I get in the center to dance floor to watch me dance
But you don’t dare to handle my dangerous hips.

But you want take me away, unit your courage and search to find what you wanted,
You took my chest, we danced one or two, actually don’t remember, only your hands,
And you looked for this night my dark luxury
And you ended to fall in love in my kiss.

But that night, everyone wanted and couldn’t, they stayed with wishes for more,
But that night, I did what I wanted, not what they wanted or what they had it,
But that night, dance with my tone the songs that I’ve wanted or I sang along,
But that night, don’t look kiss or love, just have fun like I wanted

Book I: Yin Yang
Chapter I: Yin Yang

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