Saturday, February 8, 2014

Forbidden Love

I don’t need that you say me that I’m pretty
Or neither that you say that I’m better
Who you have met
And you want to give your heartbeat.

From you I don’t want your heart and love
Or neither your time and home
Because they are yours
And invade them it would be wrong.

I was in the hell to find your demons
I was in the Heaven to delete your sins,
And in the sun
I put on your wish.

I want to be your wrong, your song who sets free your passion,
Give me the privilege to give you satisfaction and the best excitation.

But this day you ask for me
And I smile,
I want to be your Saint Valentine
And I say, I’d love it.

Because for me you are a forbidden love
You drive me crazy but I never told so,
Raise my heartbeat and for that I say you, sing you.
I don’t want to break your fragile soul
Just give me the reason to get up with you
Be now mine and I will be yours, just yours.

Book I: Yin Yang
Chapter I: Yin Yang

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