Thursday, March 1, 2012


Have it all
It's not enough,
Quite to love me
And although your kiss
Is not so magic,
Mystic to drug me,
You are so stupid
That you prefer be humilliated
And although I say you: It's over
You are still begging

Because one day
You cheated me with your body
And now 
You come begging only with your mouth
Well, it's good
I forgave you
But already I won't love you
Because this time
Your knees don't hold your thirst

You knew it
That my soul,
My heart loved you
And no doubting
This trap,
Cage set me up,
I was so stupid
That I prefered stay quiet
And when you said me goodbye
I am still begging

But one day
My tears were going to be tired
And now
In my heart there is someone else
And I am ok
I forgave myself
And from your presence I went away
But this time
Your knees don't hold your thirst

They broke your heart
And you come to find mine
But he already doesn't wanna be with you,
I have given all
But unhurried you went away
Letting me in the street

And now you come...

Because one day
You realize what I value
And now
Every of my tears you cry,
Go away!
And overcome of this
And learn today from your mistakes
Because one day
You will get what you deserve

Album: Behind The Days