Monday, March 12, 2012

Chewing Gum

Do you get it?
Or I'll have to
Explain it
That the love
Is not only
Some of sex,
You can search it
And you find it
Very faster
You're just an object for them,
Tell me, if you even feel that hole again
And thereby, you sure
That I'm not

I'm not an experimentation
Or a laboratory rat,
Or neither a chewing gum
Which you throw after it loses the flavor
And I tell you
That is all,
Because I swear you when I will be old
Your supposed love will have gone.

The vanity
Will lead
Your life,
And you will dance
The dancing
Of the falsity,
The dignity
That you show
Will fall in,
Because actually you don't worth
And no one loves you nowadays,
You are only a desperate

Because I'm not be your entertainment
Or neither one sex game,
Or neither a chewing gum
that you step it when it loses the flush
And today I sing you
That is all,
Because I promise you that I will be alone
The day when I will say you no.

Listen to me.

You carry your vain heart
To the most needy
And when they'll treat like a stuff
Don't come crying today.

Because actually
I know you are
So, get out of here.

Because I am not an object
Or neither a boxing bag
Or like that chewing gum
That you leave it without say goodbye
And today I scream you
That is all,
Because I warn you that I see you,
I will throw you very aloof

Album: Behind The Days.


  1. Wow, youre so right in this poem. I mean in the world we are living in today this poem rings true for many. Please keep writing, you have a wonderful talent!!

  2. "That the love
    Is not only
    Some of sex"

    ^^ Perfect! If only the people in todays society realized this. Only a true man would say this, and by this poem you seem to be one.
    Dont stop writing-

  3. very deep, i like it