Saturday, March 10, 2012

Angel Of Music

I want to sing you

Angel of music
Teach me today, to sing
Because this lenguage I want to speak
And express to you how I'm gonna love it.

Because we're being together
Over ours hands
And the heat of your voice,
I wanna kiss you,
Your face, I touch
And over my soul
Put yours

Angel of music
Teach me intone
This poem that I want to sing,
I know that it might like a lot.

Because we're being lonely,
In a great hug
And singing to the sky
I could love you
Until the final,
So I don't go
To the heaven at all

Can you listen to me?,
Can you love me?,
Teach me.

Because I am with you
Like one body
Intoning my voice
I can touch you
And you can talk me
With my core
Over your cords

Wherever you are
I just need that you listen to me,
I know that you can hear me,
Please, of my dream, be part

Because we're being unite
I feel your love
Next to my voice
Like one song,
And if you want my soul
And every other souls
Teach me sing along

Wherever you are,
Teach me,
Teach me,
Teach me to chant
As you want
I'm gonna praise you,
Angel of music
Teach me to chant.

Album: Behind The Days.

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