Thursday, March 8, 2012


It's indelible
What you watch
When you know
And it's memorable
Everything what you do
To love me so,
I don't want to forget your lips
When they'd moved my secrets
In where the magic had sense,
And even spending time
I taste every minute
Where we are together.

Because I travel your skin
Everything is distinct
I could know you
Because nobody
Can see
Through your skin
How I can read you
And memorize you
Like you are all
Because sincerely
You're indelible

Poetic tale
Which I read everyday
And I'm still discovering;
And between lines
I can interpret
Your darkness,
I don't want to forget your pores
When they touch mine at all
Because this canvas is the cleanest
Where I will draw my desires,
Paint all my dreams
That I have with you.

Because I lose me in your skin
I couldn't forget you,
'Cause it's impossible
Because nobody
Can know
What your skin hides
Because it's a work of art
That with my hand I'll sign up
And paint up
What the love is all
Because honestly
You're indelible

Nothing can make me crazy
Like the color of your skin does it
Which contrasts and touches my skin,
And the heartbeats accelerate up
Like the race cars
And like a thunder in the distance

Because I surf your skin
I couldn't find me
Because I will sink
'Cause, nobody
Can touch me
Like your skin does it
And in this ocean, I'll surrender
And over your chest, I will die
And I'll live
To say you
That you're indelible

Album: Behind The Days

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