Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just Keep

Your parents will leave you
 Alone, you will stay,
  Because anything
 You will make it.
Correct words
Wrong people
 Are and will help
To continue
Don't give up,
Come together,
Don't crash,
We are with you
 Because of your support,
Efforts, praise,
I will do.

Because when I failed to seriously,
To raise a voice saying, "I'm with you"
And even adversity can attack me,
Don't give up, just keep.

The tears dried up
They're seeking shelter
In a world
Without heaven,
When security
Finally came
They're get off to me at one point
Give up already,
Don't fight again,
You're lonely,
But I'll show you,
I will make up
And do what I like.

Don't expect someone to help
And less gives you than just excuses,
Just trust in your ability,
Up the face
When the rain
Break and
I want you begin
To blur and you can see
What is the right.

Because when I failed to seriously,
To raise a voice saying, "I'm with you"
And even adversity can attack me,
Don't give up, just keep.

Album: The Force Of The Nature 

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