Friday, October 4, 2013

Common Denominator

It's so hard to be gay
In a world which judges you
And you cannot be yourself
The way to like be you.

For you the life is so easy
To me it uses to get involved
Sometimes I would had liked
Be the common denominador.

And it does the things won't get worse
I am losing all the hope
To find someone who looks for love
Instead a sex machine to the world.

Say that I'm gonna married
And form a family
But I am not like to
Like the commun denominador.

But I can't change
If I want it,
And I can't say
That I will try it.

Because I can't change my heart
Or be the man that you always wanted
And be like every one
Of the common denominator.

Someone who can scream to the world
That he is falling in love
Without be ashamed
Or grieve
And say everybody

That I don't have to lie to my parents
To don't break their heart beats,
I would had liked have to be
The common denominator.

Chapter VI: My Heart Was Yours.

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