Friday, October 11, 2013

If You Wanna Love Me

Written By Damian

Today my feelings just wake up
While the moon bewitches me
With her beauty

But one door opens
By where you get it
And I fall in love
With a little words.

Because God
Was my creator
And over hear soul
Passed my heart.

Because my love came from the Heaven
And I know that I don't deserve less
Because today I understand
I worth gold no less.

Because you know
That I don't want to lose
And I don't depend
If you come or go away.

And if you're near
And you're here
And I don't have fear
Don't ask me anymore
Because I start to fall in love.

If you wanna love me
Keep in mind this
Because now I am who says no
And I will say you no more
If something of you I don't like so.

If you wanna love me
Also you understand now
That I am dancing with the devil
Over this dark world
Wich doesn't have salvation.

Chapter VI: My Heart Was Yours.

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