Thursday, October 10, 2013


If I still hear your voice
And feel your hands
Each time that I dream
It's not because I had loved it.

Now the time came
To change of position
And stop to thinking
That you are all.

Or I miss you
Or I need you.

I thought that it was hard
Can live without you
But now I am here
Fearless to run.

Because it's time
To make real
The value which lives on me
And never stop to glow.

I don't miss you anymore
I don't need you anymore.

Waiting that you are the only
With who I would had wanted...
Waiting that you let me in
And steal your feelings.

But my love just has gone
And the feeling
That I had felt
For your eyes.

The changes
Are so good
When the loving
Follow its route.

My love just has gone
And now I was
Who say adiós.

Because I were
I was the only
Who was waiting...

Chapter VI: My Heart Was Yours.

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