Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It Will Always Be December

It's nice to have met you
No matter where have you gone
Today, you have my soul.

Long colder than before
And loneliness becomes my companion
While the sky is done in shades of clouds.

But to see you
Everything begins to change
And feel to
It transformed my head.

Today the lights
And the colors are bright
I know that this tends to enchant you a lot.

And though today the wind is stronger
While trying to Tan our skin
Closest us converts.

Because the fog 
Wants to us blind
But the distance
 Will never move us.

Because today we dance,
We sing and love
About the neon lights
It announces a start
An eternal love.

We may not realize
When love is normal
And the rest is fantasy
Because today this is real
And it becomes our reality.

No matter if the Sun is freezing
Or if the moon is very hot
It will always be December
If you come today again.

Or if the lights do not bright
And in the Valley voices are heard
It will always be December
If you come today again.

Chapter VII: I Do

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