Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Heart Was Yours

It's strange live this
Sitting and crying
For a simple whim.

When it passed one moon
But it was enough
To fall in love.

I still can hear your voice
Because I have the flavor of your mouth
And your hands over my body
Looking for love in my pores.

I would had promised until the moon
To meet your soul
And tie it up to my own.

And I know that you're afraid
But I promise
That you don't have to feel it.

Because there's not anything to hide
And I just want to love ya.

I would had cried your teardrops
And had been your love
To had been part of yours.

My heart was yours,
My heart was yours,
It just was question of time to show to you
But you didn't give me the change to do,
My heart was yours,
My heart was yours.

Chapter: My Heart Was Yours.

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