Friday, February 17, 2012


And now you come to me
Saying that it wasn't it
And that you can't sleep
That you can not live
Like before, 'cause without me
The sky turns in gray
How I would like that the words will be reality
And although I already can't believe in you, I can't deny:

That even I need you,
That even I dream you,
Because even I don't lose the illusion
To be with you,
'Cause even I love you,
'Cause even I miss you
But it's better be alone
Although I don't want

Maybe I will regret about this
And when I will see you, I'll decay
But I have to show my worth,
You know so well that you play on
With the feelings from my soul
And never you cared me
If you had played the correct game with me,
Everything would be different, but now I say:

That even I think of you,
That even I write to you,
Because even my brain
Hasn't understand,
'Cause even I adore you,
Cause even I cry a lot
But it's better to say goodbye
Than follow this

I have loved you with no requirement,
I have showed you my dreams
But to the reality, I have fallen
And although that my heart tell me not,
I've understood
That not all can love
And that there is some one else better
Although I sing:

That even I want you,
That even I sing to you
And even I invent that your love
Was always love
'Cause even I imagine you
'Cause even I draw you
But today you are my past
Although I don't want
'Cause even I love you,
'Cause even I need you,
'Cause even,
'Cause even...

Album: Behind The Days

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