Saturday, February 25, 2012


Don't be discouraged

Doesn't matter like you are,
Or what you think
Or what you believe
But you never should feel that
You are less
Or wretched

You are wonderful,
Like the way you are,
Don't show the contumacious,
You are wonderful
Like the way you descry
Just you have to be sure
That you are so wonderful

Close your beautiful ears
To the envy and the pride
And enjoy this time
That you're pretty

You are wonderful
The way that you are,
Say goodbye to the pride,
You are wonderful
In all the ways
And be sure of this
That you are so wonderful

Doesn't matter what they say,
Doesn't matter that they make,
They never value
The treasure of your soul
And when you face the mirror,
Believe that you are beautiful
Because you are beautiful
You are God's creation

You are wonderful
And you value a lot
And no one is more beautiful,
You are wonderful
And accept your body
Because it is precious
And you are so wonderful
And even more, delightful
And even more, cute

Album: Behind The Days