Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Always you think in yourself,
There is no room for me
And you want that I understand
But I already don't know how to do it,
You sorry for everything,
I know that you've suffered so much
But be looking at the past,
You will lose your future

It's better off that we end,
This isn't working
But you stay frozen
Believing that I am joking,
Open up your heart
And we may be sincere,
I'm not who you have searched
And you're not who I wanted

You stay blocked
And you start your cries
Saying that the love
Just is a illusion,
You got me tired,
I've not seen the selfishness
As great in your heart
And less of a hurt

It's better off that we split up,
We never had one
But you stay frozen
Thinking that I am playing,
Open up your thinking
And we must be honest,
I'm not who you have wanted
And you're not who I searched

But you stay frozen,
And you see me every time more far away
And you stay static,
Very quiet
And you prefer so you'll be lonely

It's better off that we're done,
This wasn't a relationship
But you stay frozen
Waiting that it fixes itself
Open up your eyes
And I will be clear
I'm not who you have loved
And you're not who has kept me up,
Looked for me,
Has changed,
Has done it.

Album: Behind The Days 

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