Tuesday, February 28, 2012


You can see how many times I cried
And you will surprise about the why,
And sometimes the loneliness hurts me
With inaudible voices
That I am not
What they have
Searched to want
And my value
Loses gold
Down from my watch

I can't hold this loneliness
Which sucks out my soul
And when my heart wants to yell
Just heartbeats you can listen to
In this loneliness

My piano wants to bethink
The times that we don't stop to sing,
Mi pincel wants you to write
Because I can't get out you from here
Because I'm not
Other why
In my heart
To shut up
The soul
Who cries
Without you

I can't hold the loneliness
Which echoes become more empty
The song that inside me, it was springing
While my tears was falling
In this loneliness

The blood felt
And the air was heavier
While my body was cooled
And my eyes closed
While I sing along

That I can't hold this loneliness
That bit by bit gets off my life
And I don't want to feel the why
Which just helps me to sing
My final lyric

Album: Behind The Days


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  2. Thank you, it's so great all what you said, Now I know I'm not alone