Thursday, July 5, 2012

Behind Your Windows

It was like that time
When I swore myself
That I'm never gonna sink
In your spell over again,
But today is distinct
You need my love
And the good heartbeat
That you have discarded before,
Now I can see,
Now I can be
Just that one
That you see him far.

You got me
Unity again
But it's today
The day I will
Not see your eyes,
And today you'll listen
That it's vain
What is in you
And behind your windows

'Cause your superfluous soul
Doesn't know what love is
Because you don't have worth
Of your own life,
And you leave me alone
Producing sorrow
When I would give all
To be by with you,
But it's too late
And it's enough
To stop
What it's next.

I was going far
In many parts,
And yesterday has been
Just the mirror
Of my decision
But now
There's not doubt
That there isn't none
Behind your windows.

Make me in thousand pieces
And take my heart away
But the love what I cultivate
It'll never be stolen
By your mistake
And your loftiness

Look at me
Pretending to be
Who was always be strong
And this second
I'm never 
Gonna forget 
Because in the curtains
I could see
That there's not none
Behind your windows

Album: The Fame.