Monday, July 9, 2012

Fear N' Want

I was afraid to
Stay alone
And took like my own
The desperation
But the speed of his wants
Show me his true worth,
But I needed
Just a spirit
Who will see me
With slight smile
And he will dream
With all the days
That he would want in life
Share with me.

But today I can catch
That I can not crush
With fear and want,
But today I can find
The chains what tied me up
To fear and want.

But I feared
I can not clean-up
All the speech
Of the love and its magic
And even I need
Listen one voice
That he feels the love
In the sound

But today I can shut up
When I want a crush
With fear and want,
But today I can chant
The freedom of my heart
To the fear and want

Today I want the love those who know to do
And the affection of the silent of breeze of the fall
And sunny season

Because today I can delight
No have to clean-up
Fear and want,
Because today I can jump
Far away of the racks
Of the fear and want.

Album: The Fame


  1. really good poem. you've got a lot of talent

  2. I like this poem.. :-)