Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Kiss

It is difficult to know the why
You have who you want
And you lose him and let him go
Far away from your core
Which has broken,
And now I look myself in the mirror
And I see myself alone
And I tell myself
If I would have the privilege
That you have in the love.

I just would ask a kiss in the morning
Or a strong hug in my bed
That they tell me: "Here I am going to be,
I am not going to leave you then,
I want mornings in blankets
Where I can contemplate your soul
In the shine from your eyes at the dawn
And a kiss more

The human being is ironic
Because when he has everything
He prefers neglect it
And let it in the dummy
Of the blinds and deaf

I just ask for a kiss in the night
Or the heat from your inmutable body
Where I can lose me
In the pores of your skin,
I want unforgettable nights
Where the time can stop
To fall in love again
With just kiss you

And I won't ask you more,
Just your love
And your soul
And delivered

I just ask a kiss in my dreams
Over the land of the eternal
That it keeps us alive
In another dimension,
I don't want to dream it anymore
Let me that this is real,
Just with your soul
And a kiss more
In the eternity
Over the glory
Of the right.

Album: The Fame.


  1. rings very true for my life right now : (

  2. This is beautiful!! it's amazing how you can capture that emotion into words. Bravo