Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Maimed Body

Diversity unit
In a corrupt system,
Everyone wants to look for God
To satisfy their vain wants
But in the time
Of his dynasty
You will be waste.

Maimed body,
Blood of Christ,
Profaning temples
Over their corners,
Fighting for salvation
While they sink them in the Abbadon,
Maimed body.

High sanctity
In egocentricity,
Vague hipocrisy
To take off wreaths,
Holy lie
Founded in other ones
Acted life
Over ungodly basis.

Maimed body,
Body of Christ,
Dark leaders,
Musicians enchanted,
Looking for liberation
In prisons of oppression,
Maimed body.

Searching in erroneous doors,
Dressed in smiles,
My cause is not simple
But they are the same finish,
They're still singing cuss
In Hallelujah, in Hallelujah,
In, Hallelujah, in Hallelujah.

Maimed body,
Lamb of God,
Dirty sanctuary
In secrets style,
Sundays of exaltation
In the name of my Lord,
Maimed Body

Album: The Fame.


  1. Sooo good love it-@emoshay

  2. I like this ^__^