Saturday, February 23, 2013

You'll See

You'll see
You will see,
You'll see.

Those who mocked of me,
Those who threw stones to me,
Lowering my self esteem,
Those who don't believe in me
And turn off all my dreams
Without sparing my weight,
But I knew it
Although the world stopped me
I had to try it.

Those who doubted of me
That I won't get the sky
With this beauty God's gift,
Because if God gave me it,
Why It's right
Everything what I always dreamed.

Because I always failed
In everything what I did
And many times I wanted to quit,
But something in me
Forced me to get up,
Giving me more rush,
Just wait
And see.

You'll see
That I didn't lie you,
You'll see
That I will achieve it,
You'll see
That I did, I could sing,
And now
I will draw my goals,
I will look back,
You'll see
Of what my soul is,
I will fly
Until I achieve
The stars
And I'll be a light,
You'll see.

Chapter I: Whatever.

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