Sunday, February 17, 2013


If you want honesty,
I haven't stopped to love you
Since my last visit,
And if you want sincerity,
I haven't stopped to dream
With your kisses in my live,
And if you want frankness
I haven't stopped to wonder
What would it have happen?
Although, you already don't care,
I want to be sincere
Because I have never loved a lot
How I have done with you,
And I can be still more sincere
And tell you that between us
Had something more than affection,
But I don't want to change you
And I won't force you
But you know...

You can't tell me that you have
Not used your past
To be the artist that I've met ya,
And I used to be bother
Because I live of emotion
When I should've use my reason,
I don't want to occupy you
But before of I leave
You have to know...

That you can tell me to stop writting
And I will stop to make,
That you can tell me to stop singing to you
And I will stop to do,
But you could never tell me
To stop loving you
Because for me
It's impossible

But at the end of all,
You will turn your attention
And leave me inside old box.

Chapter I: Whatever

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