Saturday, February 23, 2013

Stuck In The Past

I'm seeing old photos
Of a remote past
I remember all
Like if I'm still living that,
And when I see your face
My heart beats faster
And in one moment
You disturb my feelings,
We never united
But I feel your hands
Surrounding my body.

And you usurp places,
Very important places
And I cannot try to stop you
Because something in me don't let me,
And in my dreams
I see your face
And when I'm awake
You are my first thinking,
I never tasted your lips
But in my dreams
They turn into my sins.

And then
It's when the why is back,
Why did you go?
Why did I try?
And the tears are back
Because I want to advance
But your essence
Doesn't let me.

Because I'm stuck in the past
And I still don't understand
Because if you never gave me your heart
So, why am I still dreaming?

I hate you,
And for that, I hate you,
Although I don't want more hate
Because I've lost again
And if it was that what you want
Here you got,
Just tell me
What should I make?

Chapter I: Whatever

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