Saturday, April 21, 2012

Possessed Of Love

I should be saint
But I am a sinner
And I should sing to you about the love
But today I am second,
I am not playing,
I am not lying,
I am not falling
But I am high,
And on the up, on the up.

He tempts me
With his soul
His look enchant me,
And he sings me
This song:
While of my body
He does possess
Possessed, possessed,
Possessed of love
And he is my demon,
Demon, Demon

They say that I've became crazy
But it's the right and today I agree
That although I should be sane
I love him and want him today,
 I am not joking,
I am not rambling,
Today I am sincere
And with my five senses
Today I sing, today I say:

He drugs me
With his kiss
'Cause he makes me feel in the glory
And he whispers me
The paragraph
Which weakens my heart
Possessed, possessed,
Possessed of love,
And he is my Devil,
Devil, Devil.

Exorcise me with your love
And today I will be save,
Set me free with your sex
And today I'll fly on the top,
Rescue me with seduction
And today I will touch your mouth,
Save me with your passion
And today I will be your love.

He drinks me
And makes drunk me,
This is the vice of the love
And he screams to me
The poem
Which today it'll possess your soul,
Possessed, possessed,
Possessed of love,
And he is my god,
God, god.

Album: God Makes No Mistakes

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