Saturday, April 5, 2014


I used to mute my feelings thinking that it was appropriate
But I felt alone and with my heart break,
I denied that I deserved to love and that it didn’t worth to try
Because at the end, who could love me?

I worked so hard to know the way
And I deserve the recognition of my own defects
I am not a hero anymore
I am a man at all.

I know the love how much like the sorrow
And I had heard it all right now,
I had written it, I had sang it,
But it’s time to change it.

I know the forgiveness how much like the hate
And I’m ready to keep moving
I go today, I have today…

I have the strength of the eagles and the fury
Of Titans who in the tartar they sleep
Because a tiger on my he’s rising
And you will hear Him scream

Sing with so much energy
Because a Lion today He stays with me
And you will Him scream

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