Tuesday, December 27, 2011


He hypnotizes me
And controls me,
When he speaks me
His voice hypnotizes me
And I can not breath,
When he looks me
His eyes hypnotize me

I dream every night to stay next to him
Although I know that he isn't a possibility,
You're the only thought which prowls in me
And although I want, I can't avoid it,
What did you do in me?,
Why to me?,
What are you want from me?.

He hypnotizes me
And manipules me,
When he kisses me
His lips hypnotize me
And I can not dream,
When he touches me
His hands hypnotize me,
Enchant me,
Bewitch me,
When he observes me,
He hypnotizes me,
Enchants me,
Allocates me,
When he hugs me,
He hypnotizes me.

I see you in every block by block,
Your name pursues me endlessly,
In every song which I hear, you're on
Saying me that you want to love me,
Why so?,
You aren't here
But you want me here.

He hypnotizes me
And drives me,
When he comes
His body hypnotizes me
And I can not stop,
When he hear me
His attention hypnotizes me,
Crushes me,
Catches me,
When he flirts me,
He hypnotizes me,
Alters me,
Ties up me,
When he strips me,
He hypnotizes me.

You change my world,
My current equilibrium
And you show me my doubts,
My state of mind,
You get out control
With this dementia

He hypnotizes me
And paralyzes me,
When he loves me
His beats hypnotize me
And I can not sing,
When he sings me
That my lips hypnotize him,
Bewitch him,
Enchant him,
When I write to him,
He's hypnotized,
He's paralyzed,
He's frozen him,
When we are lonely,
We're hypnotized,
We're take the risks,
We're love us
'Cause the love
Hypnotizes us.

Album: Behind The Days

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